Introvert ? Extrovert? No, Ambivert.


I have always find difficulties when someone asks me, ” are you an introvert?”. Like most people i don’t fit into either category. 

Ambivert : Someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.


Ambiverts are the people who have qualities of both introverts and extroverts. They are reasonably communicative, but at the same time can be self-contained. Being an ambivert is a confusing cycle. On the one hand i like being alone, on the other hand i get stir crazy if i don’t leave the house after a while.

15 signs you’re probably an Ambivert

1. You are most comfortable in crowded spaces, but when you are in them, you don’t tend to seek out interaction.

2. Spending too much time with other people can be exhausting.

3. Small talk is something that annoys you, because while you do it, there are instances when it feels a bit insincere.

4. You adjust your personality based on the energy level of the company you are in.

5. Meeting new people is fine, and being in new places is fine, but meeting new people in new places overwhelms you.

6. You understand very quickly what drives others.

7. Some people think you’re quiet and some think you’re highly social.

8. When it comes to trusting other people, sometimes you’re skeptical, and other times, you dive right in.

9. often, you just find yourself observing what’s happening around you.

10. If you find yourself in the middle of introversion and extroversion, you might be an Ambivert.